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We want to be your lab

Laboratorios LAC works in four different areas so your company can improve its quality and competitiveness:

  • Testing Services
  • Technical Support
  • Training Department
  • R&D Department

Recognised in La Rioja as a highly-reputed laboratory, employing state-of-the-art technology and always standing beside our clients in their expansion, today Laboratorios LAC offers its services across Spain with the same promptness, reliability and quality than for our local clients.

1. Water treatment

  • All drinking water tests required by Law.
  • Irrigation water and process water.
  • Wastewater tests and sewage characterisation.
  • Swimming pool water testing.

2. Facility and processing plant microbiological testing:

  • Surface testing.
  • Atmospheric testing.
  • Personnel handling and garment controls.


  • Ready meal microbiological tests.
  • Quality control (nitrates, nitrites, acidity, SO2, density, etc.).
  • Determination of preservatives, colourings, etc.
  • Nutritional composition (group I, II, FDA, etc.).
  • Food allergens (Celery, Crustacean, Lupine, Soy, Egg, etc.).
  • Mycotoxins (Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, Ochratoxin-A, DON, Zearalenone …).
  • Gluten.
  • Heavy metals.
  • Melanin in foods.
  • GMO’s (genetically-modified plant material).
  • Pesticide testing.
  • Shelf life studies.


  • Microbiological stability tests in preserves.
  • Quality controls in preserves (pH, acidity, defects, weight, etc.).
  • Heavy metals.
  • Characterization of metal packaging (varnish, tin, closure, etc.).

3. Project co-ordination and management (performing all the necessary paperwork to request both regional and national assistance and subsidies for R&D.).

  • Research lines aimed at improving quality, expanding markets and increasing productivity.
  • Quality control, health and safety systems.
  • Developing of new food products —dietetic foods, energy-rich foods, etc.— and improving existing ones.

4. À-la-carte” training courses for companies.

  • Courses for food handlers (food industry, preserves, butchers, bakers, retailers, on-trade, cutting plants, etc.)
  • Hygienic-sanitary maintenance of facilities at risk of Legionella.
  • Renewal of hygienic-sanitary maintenance of facilities at risk of Legionella.
  • Interpreting swimming pool test results as a water quality management tool.
  • Hygienic-sanitary maintenance of public swimming pools and aquatic facilities.
  • HACCP systems applied to the hotel and catering sector.
  • Child Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Nutrition and Dietetics for the Elderly.
  • Food Microbiology.
  • Labelling and advertising in the vegetable preserve and ready meal sector.
  • FDA labelling.

Company accredited by the National Accreditation ENAC





Laboratorios LAC, S.L. 

Calle Padre Lucas Nº 13

Phone 941 130862

Fax  941 137132


Rafa Fernández Palacios

Sales Manager

Jorge Simón

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